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Winterization of Diesel Fuel

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Winterization of Diesel Fuel

“Baby, it’s “”””COLD”””” outside……… your fuel ready for winter?

As you know, diesel fuel is prone to waxing or gelling in cold weather.   Both issues include the solidification of the waxy oils in diesel and form a partially crystalline state. When the maximum “Cloud Point” is reached the diesel fuel begins to develop solid wax particles giving it a cloudy appearance. The presence of these waxy particles is notorious for clogging fuel filters and injectors in engines.  Crystals build up in the fuel lines (especially in fuel filters) until the engine is starved of fuel, causing it to stop running.

The Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) is based on a test (ASTM D4539[1]) that indicates the rate at which diesel fuel will flow through a standardized filtration device in a specified length of time when cooled under certain conditions.

Currently, the United States has no legislation on a fixed time frame when winter diesel must meet a specific temperature characteristic. The ASTM D 975 standard does not specify the cold flow requirements of diesel fuel. Instead, it suggests that the cloud point be no more than 6°C higher than the 10th percentile minimum ambient temperature for the month the fuel will be used.

There are a number of solutions available that will allow diesel engines to continue to operate in cold weather conditions.  One of the most common is to treat your diesel fuel with an additive.  Fortunately, Cooperative Elevator Co. goes the extra mile to treat your gallons with our product SURE-FLO IV ULS for you at no extra charge.  SURE-FLO IV ULS is a multifunctional, multicomponent, heavy-duty diesel fuel additive for winter use designed for adequate fluidity when stored above -30°F. It is formulated with a proprietary blend of cold flow improvers, wax anti-settling agents, and heavy wax modifiers. It also includes a glycol ether deicer for freeze-up protection. SURE-FLO IV ULS is specifically formulated to provide exceptional winter performance in #2 diesel and bio-diesel blends.

Trust your fuel to the company that keeps you moving even when temperatures reach below zero.  Call Joey Adams at 989-963-9140 for more information.

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