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Traction for Winter

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Need Traction? Check Your Tire Tread

Winter is upon us, snow and ice covers the roads and you need TRACTION!!!

Tires are very important in your safety during wintertime travels. They affect how your vehicle will handle in inclement weather. Tires must combine three fundamental features to deliver good wintertime performance: appropriate tread design, pliable tread compound and sufficient tread depth. If any one of these fundamental features is absent, the other two, regardless of their ability, cannot deliver the desired results! Tread depth is often the remaining variable in determining wintertime performance.

Tires need more tread depth in wintry conditions to compress snow in their grooves and release it as they roll. If there is not sufficient tread depth, the snow that can be processed on each tire revolution will be reduced, which will in turn reduce your vehicles traction and mobility in the snow.

If you are in need of tires, please contact one of your Cooperative Elevator Co. tire centers to help keep you, your family and others safe on the road as you travel during our wonderful Michigan winter. Wishing you safe travels as you “tread” on!

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