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Proper Tire Care

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Take Care of Your Tires, They'll Take Care of You

  • Air inflation pressures should be adjusted for each field activity to maximize the tire footprint, traction, tire wear and overall fuel efficiency.
  • Determine the load you will be carrying for various applications. Stop by one of your local Cooperative Elevator Co. locations to scale for weighing the tractor and implement. Proper inflation is a function of tractor weight, load and travel speed. Consult your dealer to determine the best inflation for your application. To determine the optimum inflation pressure for metric ag radial tires, based on load use our Goodyear Farm Tires tire pressure calculator
  • Having the correct weight, tire size and inflation pressure can help reduce slip by half.

 Prevent Stubble Damage to Your Tires

  • Think ahead - order and install tires well in advance of major fieldwork.
  • Choose the right tire for the application that will fit in between the rows and stay in the row.
  • Set the tractor axle spacing to run in the row not on top, as well as run with the row.
  • Low tire pressure can lead to excessive flexing in the tire, which can result in sidewall damage.
  • Consider installing stalk stompers.
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