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FS CLEAN FLOW™ (No-Lead Gasoline Treatment)

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FS CLEAN FLOW™   (No-Lead Gasoline Treatment)

FS CLEAN FLOW is formulated to help engines start clean and stay clean.   In 1995, the EPA established minimum additive performance standards for gasoline detergency.  Many of the fuel marketers have since reduced the amount of the detergent additive levels in their products by up to 50%, resulting in a lower quality gasoline that can potentially leave deposits on fuel injectors and intake valves.  Deposits on these critical engine parts can ultimately lead to inefficient combustion and reduced engine performance. 

Some of the benefits of the FS CLEAN FLOW™ are as follows:

  • Restores engine performance and fuel economy.
  • Cleans up dirty injectors.
  • Removes intake valve deposits.
  • Helps minimize hesitation and stalling.
  • Inhibits fuel system corrosion.
  • Helps lower emissions.
  • Prevents fuel oxidation, gum and peroxide formation in stored fuel.

FS CLEAN FLOW™ is an inexpensive way to help avoid costly repairs and maintain fuel life in gasoline.   Tell your fuel truck driver or sales professional that you want FS CLEAN FLOW™  added to your next delivery and protect your investment in your equipment as well as your fuel.

With FS CLEAN FLOW™ your engines start clean, clean up, and stay clean.  If you have any questions regarding this or any of our petroleum products, please contact Joey Adams at 989-963-9140.

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