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Bio-Diesel - "A Love/Hate Relationship"

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In my travels to hundreds of farms around the Thumb I have discovered that there is a love / hate relationship with Bio-Diesel.  Growers either tend to support the use of Bio-Diesel at their farm or they do not want anything to do with it.  I have heard growers on both ends of the spectrum tell me of its benefit characteristics blended with petroleum based diesel.  I have also heard other growers speak of an intense fear of its use based on a poor experience or something a neighbor experienced.    When I considered writing this article, I wanted to give our customers only solid facts in a non-bias approach and let you decide.  The only thing that I hope you take away from this article is that whether you support the use of Bio-Diesel or not, you will be thoroughly educated on some of the facts of Bio-Diesel.  What ever your opinion is on Bio-Diesel, we will continue to service your fuel needs either way to ensure your 100% satisfaction and service.

Bio-Diesel is already widely known to have benefits for its lubricity characteristics in ULSD, but farmers are becoming a strong customer base for the use of Bio-Diesel nationwide.  Bio-Diesel nationwide is reported to generate $3 billion dollars annually towards the U.S. economy and further narrow dependence on foreign sources of petroleum.  Bio-Diesel is also creating more demand for the domestic use of crops such as corn and soybeans.   Increased production of Bio-Diesel is also showing some benefits in lowering livestock feed costs due to the increase in meal that is available in the market.  Also, it should be mentioned that Bio-Diesel is a cleaner burning fuel and is not only more environmentally friendly, but is cleaner burning for people and livestock.
Listed below are some facts about Bio-Diesel blends from Cooperative Elevator Co.
Cooperative Elevator Co. offers several Bio-Diesel blends or straight petroleum based diesel at your specific direction.Being able to do this sets us apart from our competitors that may not offer Bio-Diesel blends such as B2 (2%), B5 (5%), or B20 (20%).

  1. We only source Bio-Diesel that is vegetable-based meeting ASTM D 6751.No animal by- products are used in the manufacturing of our Bio-Diesel.
  2. A 2% blend of Bio-Diesel contains 134,400 BTU’s of energy.Standard #2 diesel fuel contains 134,800 BTU’s of energy.
  3. Bio-Diesel provides significant reductions in particulates and carbon monoxide and over a 90% reduction in unburned hydrocarbons and a 75% to 90% reduction in aromatic hydrocarbons.This is significant for exposure to fumes to people and livestock.
  4. Bio-Diesel is susceptible to cold temperatures and may gel in higher concentrations of 20% or greater.All diesel fuel has the potential to gel in cold weather, but Cooperative Elevator Co. goes the extra mile to treat all of our gallons during the cold months to limit any cold weather issues.
  5. Bio-Diesel is not premium diesel!Bio-Diesel, while it has some of the characteristics of a premium diesel like added Cetane or Lubricity, it does not have other critical chemistry that deems a “premium” diesel product.The Coop’s Premium Diesel (Diesel Ex Gold) is compatible with both Bio-Diesel and standard diesel.

Therefore, when considering whether you want to use Bio-Diesel or not, I hope that you have found this article helpful when making your decision.  We are glad to support your fuel service either way to ensure you have the fuel YOU need for your business.  If you are looking to try a blend of Bio-Diesel or just have additional questions about Bio-Diesel, please call CO-OP Energy Sales Consultant Joey Adams at 989-963-9140.

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